Mendicant University Projects

Hackfest For Great Justice!

What is this all about?

We're organizing the programmer's equivalent of a community-oriented volunteer weekend. We match up programmers with organizations doing socially valuable work, and work together with organizations on a particular project based on their needs.

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When and where?

It's happening online, the weekend of October 21-23. In the weeks leading up to the event, we are working with organizations to clarify and develop project proposals, and we encourage a representative from the organization to be available for questions and feedback over the weekend, if possible.

What projects will we be working on?

We have connected with three organizations that are working towards positive social change, that could benefit from software built around their needs. You can take a look at our current project profiles to learn more about them.

Only one weekend?

We strongly encourage and hope that the hackfest inspires longer-term working relationships between participants -- both in terms of maintaining and expanding applications, and doing future work together. The usefulness of the software depends on this relationship.

At the same time, the immediate goal of the weekend is to produce something useful right away -- so that no matter what, some value is created.

Who owns the software?

All software developed as part of the hackfest must be released under a free software license -- typically MIT/BSD or GNU Affero GPL. This will ensure that the source code is available for the organizations and future maintainers, as well as for others to use, modify and redistribute it.

It should go without saying, but programmers are participating in the hackfest as volunteers, and should not accept or ask for payment for any work done during the hackfest.